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Hargeisa: The Future Capital of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Friday, November 12, 2010

With failure of the government in Southern Somalia and the success of democracy in Somaliland , the chances of the country becoming ruled through a capital in the north with a president from Somaliland is becoming more and more feasible .

The world seems to be fed up with the corruption in the south and the feud between the warlords, the clans and the head of the imported government that crashed last month for the third time in the last few years.

Somaliland has also a lot to look forward to this federation. The country has failed to get recognition by the world since it seceded from Somalia in 1991.

All funding and development projects are mostly channelled through world organisations that see Somaliland as a region of Somalia and not as an independent nation.

Another factor which may convince Somaliland politicians to opt for the union with mother Somalia could be the possible secessions with in the seceded Somaliland.

 Both Sool and Maakhir want to be part of Somalia and will not stop insurgency if  Somaliland is recognised as a sovereign state.

Other factors include:

Almost 70 % of Somalis inhabit in southern Somalia particularly in the fertile lands of lower shabelle and Juba. The rest of the country particularly the north is semi-arid and arid lands that can hardly support the livelihood of the majority pastorailsts who dwell in most parts of the north. The nomads often shift between Ethiopia’s region 5 (Ogadenia ) and Somaliland in search of greener pastures.

Although Berbera port is vital for the export of livestock and other commodities to rich Gulf states, it is always vulnerable to the invasion of bigger land locked Ethiopia that is desperately in need of access to the sea. Greater Somalia will in this case guarantee stronger force to confront the long time enemy of the Somalis and could thwart any temptations towards occupying federal state of Somaliland.

Somalis have the same language, same religion and same colour. They can never be separated by boundaries or governments. A good example is that of Dijibouti which is mainly inhabited by Somalis. It is currently the hub of foreign travel for all Somalis. Even Wajir region of Kenya could not integrate into the mainstream population because of ethnicity and religion. The same goes for the Ogaden region in Ethiopia.

Facts like these may tempt the current president of Somaliland to grab any chance of becoming the leader of greater Somalia rather than being confined to Hargeisa and a nation that may not be recognised for the coming decades. The signs of the possible remarriage of Somalia and Somaliland has already been reported by the local media who have noticed the continual return of pan-Somalis into Somaliland the change of tune between Puntland and Somaliland .

M. Ali (Medeshivalley editor)