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Former Police Commissioner Mohammed Hussein Ali Denied any involvement in the post- election violence

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Laaska News (KBC) December 15,2010.

Written By:KBC reporters/agencies.

Ocampo list sparks uproar as suspects react

The release of the names of the six chaos suspects by ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo has drawn condemnation from cabinet and MPs.

Leading the onslaught on the international court, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka claimed Ocampo had violated the law of natural justice by naming suspects before an application is made.

Kalonzo however appealed to Kenyans to maintain calm indicating that the cabinet recently endorsed a local tribunal which is an option to The Hague trials.

Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto questioned why the country had abdicated its responsibilities to offer its citizens a fair trial.

He claimed that the country has instituted legal structures that are capable of trying the post election violence masterminds.

Ruto claimed that Kenya is not a failed state but a sovereign country able to pursue justice within its judicial structures.

Environment minister John Michuki also criticized the manner in which the names were released, however insisting that none of the suspects will be required to step down since they were mere suspects and had not been prosecuted.

Nevertheless, MPs demanded that the Prime Minister issue a comprehensive statement in regard to the government’s position on the list of suspects.

Garsen MP Danson Mungatana and Ikolomani MP Dr Bonny Khalwale insisted that Kenyans are anxious to know the government’s plan to enable them keep the calm.

They claimed that some on the ICC suspect list were civil servants who acted on orders from their superiors describing it unfair to target them.

Elsewhere, Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Head of Public Service Ambassador Francis Muthaura and suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto maintain they are innocent and did not play any role in the chaos.

Speaking to Journalists separately shortly after being named as key perpetrators of the post election violence, Uhuru, Muthaura and Ruto said that their have never committed any crimes in relation to the chaos.

They told Kenyans that they were ready to face the ICC judges to prove their innocence.

Uhuru Kenyatta said: “My record is clear and it remains very clear that I have never committed any crime”.

Muthaura on the other hand claimed that listing him as one of the suspects was an unwarranted move to defame him.

Ruto said that he was ready to travel to The Hague should he receive summons to appear before ICC.

“Am certain I had nothing to do with the violence and I know the truth will come out” said the Eldoret North MP.


Former Police Commissioner Mohammed Hussein Ali also denied any involvement in the post- election violence and expressed confidence that the truth will be exposed.

Ali said he was surprised to learn from the media that Ocampo had included his name in connection with the post poll chaos.

He added, “As a Kenyan, who has dedicated all his energy to the safety and security of Kenyans, I am confident that all false allegations will be exposed,” he said.






US President Barack Obama has called on all Kenyans to cooperate with ICC.

“I urge all of Kenya’s leaders, and the people whom they serve, to cooperate fully with the ICC investigation and remain focused on implementation of the reform agenda and the future of your nation,” he said.

Obama noted the progress the country has made since the unrest “moving away from impunity and divisionism toward an era of accountability and equal opportunity.”

“The path ahead is not easy, but I believe that the Kenyan people have the courage and resolve to reject those who would drag the country back into the past and rob Kenyans of the singular opportunity that is before them to realize the country’s vast potential,” he said.