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Dhul gariir ku dilay Iran 7qof(Earthquake Kills 7 in Iran)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Laaska News December 22,2010.
“Dhulgariir ka dhacay Konfur Bari Iran ayaa waxaa ku dhintay 7 qof,waxaana ku dhaawacmay ugu yaraan in kabadan 33 qof,sida ay sheegtay AP talaadadii “.

An earthquake in southeastern Iran has killed seven people and injured at least 33 more, The Associated Press said Tuesday.

The epicenter of the 6.5-magnitude quake hit the small town of Hosseinabad in Iran’s rural Chah Malek region at 10:12 local time (1842 GMT) Monday.

An official from Iran’s Red Crescent told Iranian state TV reporters that rescue teams were able to extract all survivors from the rubble. Four of the casualties were school students, three of them girls.


The seismic activity badly damaged homes and cut off telephone lines, disconnecting contact with the remote area. The tremor also harmed the water supply system, but officials were able to restore electricity to the region, AP reported.


Mohammad Barzang, the governor of the nearby small town of Rigan, told the press earlier Tuesday that dozens of people in three remote villages were buried under the debris of collapsed houses. He said that rescue teams were dispatched to the region and that over 2,000 required tents to live in because their houses were damaged up to 60 percent.



Laaska News.