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Somaliland President Interview:Another country-in-waiting

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Laaska News January 13,2011

By The Economist
Another country-in-waiting

Baobab: Tensions exist in Somaliland’s eastern regions, where clan authorities there do not recognise Somaliland’s authority and Puntland [a region of Somalia which seeks autonomy under a federal system] lays claim to territory. Such tensions affected the conduct of the presidential election there. How are you addressing these?

AS: We have opened a dialogue with elders and traditional leaders there. We have already sent a very high-level delegation there, and many of those leaders have responded positively. At the same time, we have begun development programmes there, in water supplies and other needs. But there is no doubt about it: we are strengthening our forces there. The borders are not something that can be negotiated, that is a matter of state security. But there is nothing to stop us holding talks with the elders and we are optimistic about these.

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Source:The economist.

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