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Japan:Elderly woman and grandson rescued

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Laaska News March 20,2011
Police rescued an elderly woman and her grandson from under debris in Ishinomaki City on Sunday, 9 days after the initial earthquake and tsunami on March 11th.

Police in Miyagi Prefecture say rescue workers heard a voice and found the 16-year-old boy on top of the roof of his collapsed house. The boy told them that his 80-year-old grandmother was in the house and couldn’t get out by herself.

The 2 were pulled up by rope to a police helicopter that took them to a Red Cross hospital in the city.

Rescuers say the woman was unable to move because her legs were trapped by what appeared to be a refrigerator.

The boy also could not go very far because their house was surrounded by debris.

A doctor at the Red Cross hospital said the woman and the boy told him that they had survived by eating yogurt and other food in the fridge.

The boy said he made phone calls to his mother but eventually lost contact. He also said no rescuers came, so he climbed to the roof and waved to a passing helicopter.

The doctor says the boy has a low body temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and no sensation in his left leg.
The grandmother is unharmed and can converse with other people.

The 2 were found in an area about 1 kilometer upstream of the mouth of a river. Houses in the area were swept away by the tsunami.


Laaska News.