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Somalia faces “political paralysis” – Ambassador Mahiga

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Laaska News  May 11,2011

There is a “political paralysis” in Mogadishu where Somalia’s president and speaker are not communicating with each other.

That’s what the top United Nations envoy for Somalia, Augustine Mahiga, told the Security Council during his briefing on Somalia.
The country has not had a central government since 1990, and the transitional federal institutions, or TFI, are mandated to end in August this year, when the government was supposed to organise elections.

Ambassador Mahiga says the fact that the parliament has unilaterally extended itself, and the government has deferred elections for one year, has further polarized relations between the two institutions:

Disagreement over the election issue between the TFIs is causing a political paralysis in Mogadishu. There is therefore a need to develop urgently a consensus on when and how to hold elections and for defining the mandate for the next election and seeking to defuse the stalemate between the legislative and the executive branches of government.”


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