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Libya:Who will fill in the terrible emptiness?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Laaska News  May 30,2011


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Alexander Rytov, Associate Professor with the Institute of International Relations:





It seems to me that there is no doubt that Gaddafi will go, that he will resign and there is no other perspective.


We know the results of the G8 meeting in France, and everyone understands in Libya and outside that it is almost impossible for Gaddafi personally to stay, but it is very important for all the parties now, even for Gaddafi himself, to give today the perspective for new negotiations, not to the protests, which is very clear, and which really needs some concrete talks, some kind of a non-aggressive period of dialogue between two parties, between representatives of the same Libyan people, and I think that the pressure of Great Britain is aimed to make the process faster, to force Gaddafi, to make his allies to convince him, to persuade him, to push him away from power  with some kind of a compromise which will be accepted inside and outside.


But the situation with the opposition is also very difficult, at the moment we know that they are lacking financial resources, they are lacking weaponry, so – who will help them? Who will fill in this terrible emptiness? Who will provide them with all the necessary tools, mechanisms, resources for organized resistance? It is also a big problem. That is why the countries which support opposition and which support the idea of Gaddafi’s resignation are intensifying pressure against him.

It seems to me that the result will be very soon and that the participation of all G8 countries in the solution of the problem will also bring about new solidarity inside G8 and maybe a milder solution for Libya itself. But the only term today is the farewell of Gaddafi. If this farewell is going today and the terms of this farewell are ok for both parties, then we are receiving a very positive and constructive and fruitful perspective for the final Libya’s reconciliation and solution.


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