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Libya:The West cooking a hare before catching it

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Laaska News  June 29,2011
Sergei Sayenko

UK International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell believes that Muammar Gaddafi’s security forces should be left intact after Colonel Gaddafi is ousted to avoid a mistake that was made in Iraq. He was speaking in London on Tuesday. Sergei Sayenko takes up the issue.


“Mr. Mitchell’s statement echoed recommendations by a British-led international team on a post-conflict Libya. Set up on the UK government’s initiative and comprising observes from Britain, the United States, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Australia and Canada, the team spent several weeks visiting rebel-controlled areas in eastern Libya and drew up a report, which was submitted to Libya’s opposition National Transitional Council. It will also be sent to the United Nations and to an international contact group on Libya, which is planning to meet in Istanbul on July 15.”

Speaking about the Libyan security forces, Mr. Mitchell said that the lesson was not to repeat an error made in Iraq after the deposition of the Saddam Hussein regime when the Sunni-dominated security forces were completely dissolved, a move that led to a bloody Sunni insurgency.

Minister Mitchell’s press conference was yet another signal that the West, including the UK, sees no place for Muammar Gaddafi in a future Libya and that Colonel Gaddafi’s death is the real aim behind combat operations waged by the Western coalition in Libya under the pretext of protecting Libyan civilians.

Despite the rebels’ cautious advance on pro-Gaddafi areas and defying the expectation of some analysts, Colonel Gaddafi has shown no intention of stepping down and is full of determination to fight to the end, which leaves the West no choice but to physically eliminate him. Western media are bending over backwards to remind the Libyan leader that his days are numbered. For example, Italy’s Corriere della Sera quotes U.S. Admiral Samuel Locklear as saying recently with cynical candidness that NATO was really trying to kill Gaddafi.     Meanwhile, after three months of almost incessant NATO air strikes, Colonel Gaddafi is still holding on and many people in Libya still support him. Apparently unembarrassed by the latter fact, the West preoccupied itself with what cannot be described other than as cooking a hare before it was caught as it pushes ahead with its plans for Libya’s post-war future without bothering to ask the Libyans what kind of future they would like for themselves.

A yet-to-be-published 50-page report by the above UK-led team recommends sending an unspecified number of unarmed peacekeepers to Libya once the conflict is over “if there is a benign environment”, but if it is not benign, then armed peacekeepers would have to be moved in. In short, the West does not rule out new bloodshed even after Gaddafi is ousted.


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