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Japan:Mayor approves restart of Genkai nuclear plant

Monday, July 4, 2011

Laaska News  July 4,2011
A mayor in the Japanese southwestern prefecture of Saga has approved the restart of a nuclear power station in his town.

Mayor Hideo Kishimoto of Genkai Town gave the green light on Monday to Toshio Manabe, the president of Kyushu Electric Power Company, the operator of the Genkai nuclear plant. Two reactors at the plant remain idle after routine check-ups were completed in April.

Kishimoto said he is convinced that the utility has emergency safety measures in place. He said industry minister Banri Kaieda has assured him that the central government will be responsible for the plant’s safety.

Thirty-five reactors, or two-thirds of the national total, remain offline, due to the effects of the March disaster or regular inspections.

The Genkai plant is the first to be given the official go-ahead by municipalities hosting nuclear power stations.

Meanwhile, the deputy mayor of neighboring Karatsu City said the city remains cautious about restarting the reactors and has yet to be convinced of their safety.

The Karatsu side renewed its request for the utility to sign a safety agreement with the city, similar to the
one signed with Genkai Town and Saga Prefecture.

Kyushu Electric Power Company President Toshio Manabe who met Karatsu officials said only that his company will address the matter sincerely.



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