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Japan:Genkai mayor retracts plant restart consent

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Laaska News  July 7,2011
The mayor of Genkai Town in southwestern Japan has retracted his approval for the restart of 2 reactors at a nuclear power plant in his town.

Mayor Hideo Kishimoto on Thursday informed the decision to President Toshio Manabe of Kyushu Electric Power Company which operates Genkai plant. Kishimoto conveyed his retraction to Manabe by phone after the town assembly approved his decision.

On Monday the mayor informed the utility of his approval for the restart of the 2 reactors that remain idle after routine safety checks were completed in April.

But the mayor changed his position after the central government announcement on Wednesday that it will conduct an additional “stress test” at all nuclear reactors in Japan to ensure safety.

At a news conference on Thursday, the mayor criticized the government for previously saying that it was safe for the 2 reactors at the Genkai plant to come back online.

He said Prime Minister Naoto Kan now says the stress test is a precondition for allowing the restart of the operation of reactors. The mayor said his earlier decision to approve the reactors’ restart appears to have been made in vain and feels nothing but anger at the government.

The 2 reactors at the Genkai plant were to be the first in Japan since the March 11th disaster to be given official go-ahead by the hosting municipality to resume operations.


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