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Rice: US to keep Sudan on its terror list

Friday, July 8, 2011

Laaska News  July 8,2011

The United States says it won’t remove Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism until a dispute over an oil-producing area on the border with South Sudan is resolved.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice made the remarks to reporters on Thursday. Rice is leading the US delegation to South Sudan’s independence celebrations on Saturday.

She said the US will not remove Sudan from its terror list unless the country fulfills its obligations under the peace agreement with South Sudan.

Sudan’s Arab-dominated north and predominantly ethnic African groups in the south ended more than 20 years of civil war in 2005 and signed a peace agreement.
South Sudan is to declare independence on Saturday after voters overwhelmingly chose to secede from the north in a January referendum.

The United States designated Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism in 1993. The US also continues to impose sanctions on the country, saying Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is harboring Islamic extremists.

In February, US President Barack Obama hinted that Sudan may be removed from the list if South Sudan were to secede peacefully.

But in May, the Bashir administration sent troops to the disputed oil-producing border region of Abyei. On Tuesday, the Sudanese government also carried out airstrikes in the oil-rich central state of South Kordofan.


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