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Turkmenistan:Power blasts may have killed 200 in Turkmenistan

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Laaska News  July 10,2011

Powerful explosions have occurred at a gunpowder warehouse in the central Asian nation of Turkmenistan. A human rights group in Europe says about 200 people were killed.

The Turkmen government announced that the blasts occurred near the capital Ashgabat on Thursday.

It said the explosions were caused by fireworks stored in the warehouse, and that there were no casualties. But on Friday, a European-based group quoted sources in the country as saying that the explosions were at a military warehouse and killed about 200 people, including soldiers and civilians.

The group also released footage of the explosions and destroyed buildings. The Turkmen government has been criticized both at home and abroad for its autocratic style.

It severely restricts opposition activities and economic exchanges with foreign countries.

An NHK correspondent in Moscow says details of the explosions in the secretive former Soviet nation would not be known any time soon.


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