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South Sudan: declares its independence, celebrates, & World Recognizes, new diplomatic ties + MORE NEWS

Saturday, July 16, 2011



U.S. recognizes independence of South Sudan 


WASHINGTON, July 9 (Xinhua) — U.S. President Barack Obama declared Saturday that the United States formally recognized the Republic of South Sudan as “a sovereign and independent state.”

“After so much struggle by the people of South Sudan, the United States of America welcomes the birth of a new nation,” Obama said in a statement.

South Sudan formally declared independence on Saturday, becoming the 193rd nation recognized by the United Nations. The move came as the culmination of a peace deal brokered by the U.S. in 2005 to end a 22-year civil war between south and north Sudan and set up a referendum in January this year in which southerners voted overwhelmingly for separation.

“Today is a reminder that, after the darkness of war, the light of a new dawn is possible,” Obama said.

“As Southern Sudanese undertake the hard work of building their new country, the United States pledges our partnership as they seek the security, development and responsive governance that can fulfill their aspirations and respect their human rights,” the president said.

He called on South Sudan and Sudan to “move beyond a bitter past and resolve differences peacefully,” saying lasting peace would only be realized if all sides fulfilled their responsibilities.

South Sudan’s independence has come without resolution of several core issues, including border demarcation, the status of the oil-rich Abyei region, oil revenue division and citizenship, prompting fears of a possible return to war.

Obama demanded that the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement be fully implemented, the status of Abyei resolved through negotiations, and violence in neighboring South Kordofan state end.

“The safety of all Sudanese, especially minorities, must be protected. Through courage and hard choices, this can be the beginning of a new chapter of greater peace and justice for all of the Sudanese people,” he said.

The Obama administration has offered incentives, including the lifting of economic sanctions and removal from the state sponsor of terrorism list while Sudan has expressed compliance in implementing the 2005 peace deal.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Saturday the U.S. commended the Sudanese government on its decision to be the first to recognize South Sudan’s independence.

“By continuing on the path of peace, the government of Sudan can redefine its relationship with the international community and secure a more prosperous future for its people,” she said in a statement.


 China helps promote peace, development of north, south Sudan

JUBA, July 9 (Xinhua) — The Republic of South Sudan declared independence Saturday and China immediately established diplomatic ties with the world’s newest country.

China, as a responsible big country and a friend of both north and south Sudan, has played a unique and constructive role in pushing forward their peace and development for many years.

China was a witness to the forming of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between north and south Sudan. During a long period, China, along with the rest of the international community, has respected the will and choice of the people of both sides, and made arduous efforts in helping them realize peace and turn away from war.

China has actively participated in U.N. peace-keeping missions in Sudan, and it sent a team to observe the referendum on south Sudan’s destiny in January at the invitation of both sides.

In May, after armed conflicts broke out between north and south Sudan, China worked hard to help end the conflicts.

Chinese Special Envoy on African Affairs Liu Guijin visited Sudan in June to persuade both sides to prevent further clashes.

The fundamental reason behind China’s effective work is China has kept an impartial attitude in dealing with both sides and maintained a focus on their long-term interests and regional peace and stability.

As Liu said during his visit, “China is ready to exert joint efforts with Sudan to find solutions to the outstanding issues for sustainable peace in Sudan and for creating stability in the region in the long run.”

For many years, China has provided aid within its capacity for north and south Sudan for their economic and social development, and established a good model of South-South cooperation.

China has helped Sudan build a complete oil industry in 16 years, trained many workers, offered humanitarian assistance to north and south Sudan, established hospitals and schools, and dug wells to help locals improve their living standards.

In comparison with Western countries’ aid, China’s assistance to north and south Sudan, although limited, is sincere and comes without preconditions, something that is appreciated by the people of both sides.

The China-Sudan friendship, which has been tested over more than half a century, will surely be carried forward in the future.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said his government would enhance the friendly relations with China after south Sudan became independent.

President of South Sudan Salva Kiir also says his government and people consider China a sincere friend and reliable partner. He said South Sudan was willing to further relations with China after it declared independence and welcomed investment from Chinese enterprises.

Meanwhile, as Sudan and South Sudan both face severe challenges after the latter became independent, their development relies on the support from the international community.

Sudan’s economic development model badly needs transformation after the oil-rich southern part was separated from the country. South Sudan’s development lags behind its northern neighbor with underdeveloped infrastructure and an inexperienced new government.

China has maintained good relations with both parties and has been participating in Sudan’s construction in energy, agriculture and infrastructure.

In the future, China will play a particular role in enhancing the communication and cooperation between Sudan and South Sudan and the economic construction of the two countries.

“After South Sudan declared independence, China will continue to develop the friendly, cooperative and win-win relations with north and south Sudan. China will work with the rest of the international community to actively participate in the reconstruction of South Sudan,” Liu told Xinhua on June 22 after his visit.

Lisa Grande, U.N. humanitarian chief in South Sudan, said China had advantages in the construction of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and the power grid in Sudan and South Sudan. China, through its projects, could communicate with the two peoples and facilitate the mutual trust and cooperation between the two parties, she said.

However, some Western countries have accused China of using its relations with the two countries for “plundering energy resources.”

Such criticism will not impede China’s determination and efforts to help people from Sudan and South Sudan realize their countries’ peace and development.



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