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War in Libya – Libya and World – News (March to July 2011)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Libya’s FM denies Tripoli destruction plan

Libya’s Foreign Ministry has denied rumors that the government has a Tripoli “destruction plan” if the city is seized by rebels.

A communique issued by the Ministry says that the statements said to be made by PM Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmudi  have nothing to do with reality.




Laaska News July   14,2011


Libyan rebels retake key village 

BEIJING, July 14 (Xinhuanet) — In the latest development on the Libyan frontlines, rebels say they have retaken the village of Al-Qawalish from Gaddafi’s forces.

The successful counter-attack was launched shortly after the rebel loss of the key village, some 100 kilometers from the capital Tripoli.The rebels lost the village on Wednesday and pulled back to the nearby town of Zintan.

They said pro-Gaddafi forces swept through Al-Qawalish from the east, and reached as far as the checkpoint on the western edge of the village. Rebel forces had been planning to use Al-Qawalish as a staging ground to capture the nearby town of Garyan, which controls access to the main highway heading north to Tripoli.





Intensive gunfire exchanges heard near Misrata as fighting continues 


MISRATA, Libya, July 14 (Xinhua) — Intensive exchanges of gunfire were heard Wednesday in Naim, on the outskirts of Libya’s third largest city of Misrata, a Xinhua correspondent reported from there.

The reporter also saw three wounded persons were taken to a hospital.

Naim is only about 3 km from the coastal city of Zlitan, a stronghold used by the government troops to block the rebel forces’ advance towards the capital of Tripoli which is only 130 km away.

Over the past few days, opposition forces and government troops have been engaged in fierce battles, but neither side seemed to have made any significant headway.

In Naim, the correspondent also saw some rebels were about to fire rockets at government troops. According to local sources, rebels shot at least six Grad rockets at government troops on Wednesday.

Rebels fight against pro-Gaddafi forces in Misrata, Libya 

A rebel fighter is seen during a heavy battle in Al Dafneya front lines, Misrata, Libya, July 13, 2011. At least 4 rebel fighters were killed and some were wounded during battles on Wednesday. (Xinhua/Amru Salahuddien)


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