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Japan:Wastewater recycling partially halted at Fukushima

Friday, July 29, 2011

Laaska News  July 29,2011

A problematic water decontamination system at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has forced its operator to stop pumping out radioactive water pooled in the basements of reactor buildings.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, said on Friday that a waste disposal facility where radioactive water is kept before being decontaminated is almost full because of a delay in the decontamination process.

As a result, TEPCO suspended the transfer of contaminated water to the facility from the plant’s No. 2 and 3 reactor buildings.

The utility uses a wastewater system that decontaminates radioactive water and recycles it as coolant for reactors.

But since a June 17th test run of the system, it has been plagued with glitches and its operating rate has remained below the target of 70 percent.

TEPCO says, however, that the radioactive water in the basements is very unlikely to overflow since the system is working, and that the transfer can resume in 2 days.

TEPCO also reported that one of the system’s pumps in a device for removing radioactive cesium has stopped working, but that the failure has not affected the system’s operating rate.


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