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Medvedev stresses importance of nuances in politics -VOR

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Laaska News  August 6,2011

President Dmitry Medvedev. Photo: RIA Novosti   

Anna Forostenko
The current situation in Syria and Libya requires an individual approach and the consideration of all the nuances, President Dmitry Medvedev said in a joint interview he gave to the Russia Today TV Channel, Echo Moskvy radio station and Georgia’s First Caucasus Television station.

There are no identical countries, and there are no identical situations, the Russian leader stressed. The president briefly described what happened in Libya: there’s a man who has been running the country for forty years, and at some point he decided to use force against his own people. Moreover at a certain stage Gaddafi ordered to liquidate his opponents. This was condemned by the entire international community. But Russia thinks that it is not right to resolve the Libyan problem only through military means. There is one key nuance we should keep in mind – despite the standoff between Gaddafi and his opponents Libya has not split. The fighting sides are not violating the sovereignty and the borders of each other.

“Libya is still in one piece. Such a risk does exist for Libya, but so far all the parties to the conflict, including the so-called rebels and the pro-Gaddafi forces, have pledged to preserve their country’s territorial integrity. So the situations are quite different. However, I’m not saying this to explain how we make decisions. I am merely trying to demonstrate that all of these situations and scenarios are totally diverse. This goes for other countries as well.”

The situation in Syria is different. Medvedev admitted that so far the events have seen tragic development there. Though Bashar Asad did not order to liquidate his opponents, people are being killed in Syria, which arouses concern of the global community. That is why the Russian leader is trying to convince Bashar Asad to launch reforms.

“In my discussions with President Assad during our personal conversations and in our correspondence I have been advocating one principal idea: that he should immediately launch reforms, reconcile with the opposition, restore civil accord, and start developing a modern state. Should he fail to do that, he is in for a grim fate, and we will eventually have to take some decisions on Syria, too. Naturally, we have been watching developments very attentively. The situation is changing, and so are our objectives.”

The keynote of the interview Medvedev gave on the eve of the third anniversary of Georgia’s invasion to South Ossetia was the appeal to constant diplomatic work. Diplomacy provides conflicting sides with an opportunity to hear each other and to resolve serious issues through negotiations.



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