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Japan:A-bomb survivor in Fukushima remembers Hiroshima

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laaska News  August 7,2011

85-year-old Minoru Oka, a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, marked the anniversary of the attack in his native Fukushima Prefecture on Saturday.

Oka was 19 years old and serving as a soldier in Hiroshima when the bomb fell. He was about 2 kilometers from the explosion.

Oka says he remembers people crying for help and water.

When the war ended, he returned to his home town, Minami-Soma in Fukushima prefecture, to raise cattle.

But the nuclear accident in March suddenly changed his life again.

Oka had to dispose of his cattle when he was forced to evacuate from his home located about 30 kilometers from the damaged nuclear plant for a month.

After he began to raise cattle again, the government banned the shipment of beef cattle from Fukushima due to fears of radioactive contamination, dealing a severe blow to the old farmer.

Oka says he sees no difference between an atomic bomb and a nuclear power plant because both can inflict fatal damage on human beings.

He says Japan needs to find an alternative source of power, and consume less.

He adds that if Japan continues to operate nuclear plants, it should be on the condition that their operations can be halted safely at any time.


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