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Japan:Typhoon Muifa moving away from Okinawa

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laaska News  August 7,2011
A strong typhoon is moving northwest over the East China Sea after hitting Japan’s southwestern islands of Okinawa.

The Meteorological Agency says the typhoon, named Muifa, passed through waters west of Okinawa’s main island from Friday through Saturday morning.

The typhoon has an atmospheric pressure of 960 hectopascals at its center, and is packing a maximum wind velocity of 126 kilometers per hour. At 6 PM, it was moving northwest at 20 kilometers per hour.

Muifa engulfed the main island of Okinawa for nearly 2 full days.

Strong winds and heavy rain have injured 51 people.

In Motobu, the northern town on the main island, a record rainfall of more than 720 millimeters fell from Thursday through Saturday. That’s one third of the average precipitation for a year.

Unstable atmospheric conditions caused by the typhoon and a cold air mass prevailed over wide areas of the Japanese archipelago on Saturday, bringing heavy rain to some parts.



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