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Japan:Mid-term review of tsunami warning system released

Monday, August 8, 2011

Laaska News  August 9,2011
Japan’s Meteorological Agency has unveiled an interim report on the country’s tsunami warning system, based on information learned in the March 11th disaster.

The agency has been reviewing the system, as estimates of the sizes of tsunami issued by the agency immediately following the earthquake in March were found to be substantially lower than the actual waves.

An 8-level scale is currently employed for tsunami alerts. The scale covers a range of wave heights from 50 centimeters to over 10 meters. But, citing a limit to accuracy of the predictions, the report suggests adopting a scale of 5 levels instead.

It also proposes issuing alerts such as “a possible giant tsunami”, immediately following a major earthquake with a magnitude of over 8.

Since the height of the initial tsunami to reach the shores tends to be lower than those of subsequent tsunamis, the agency hopes to alert the public to a possibility of larger tsunami to follow.

The agency plans compile a final report by mid-September and present a revised tsunami warning system before the year end.



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