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Cameron must go, Libyans, Iranians say

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Laaska News  August 10,2011         “lost legitimacy.”
Sergei Sayenko

British Prime Minister David Cameron meets with senior officers from the police, fire and ambulance services. Photo: AFP

On Wednesday, the Libyan authorities (that is, Gaddafi’s government, which is still in power) said that the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet must resign, for, after suppressing the riot in their country, they “lost legitimacy.”

This position of the Libyan government was expressed by Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim in his interview to Libya’s official media company “JANA.” Mr. Kaim also added that the situation in the UK must be closely watched by UN’s Security Council. “The world community must not be idle when human rights are violated in the UK,” he said.

This may sound a very resolute statement, but this position is also shared by some other countries’ leaders. On the same Wednesday, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a similar statement.

“The UK authorities don’t listen to oppositionists in their country,” the Iranian president said. “The police severely beat them right in the streets. Actually, the cause of all the troubles in the West is social injustice. Millions of people in the West live in poverty, on the brink of dying of hunger. The capitalist system is vicious in itself and can lead to nothing but more and more social injustice.”

Now, doesn’t this Mr. Ahmadinejad’s speech very much resemble the formulas with which the West, including the UK, usually criticizes Gaddafi’s regime and other regimes which they dislike? Haven’t the West said more than once that, for example, Gaddafi (or some other leader) must go, because he suppresses opposition riots in his country? And, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

There are many people who try to win a reputation of democrats by criticizing somebody other’s undemocratic ways. When it comes to Libya or Iran, the West usually says that the regimes of Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad have nothing to do with democracy, that leaders like them must be made go, and, for this purpose, any means is good.

The current NATO’s operation in Libya is evidence of that. It looks like the West doesn’t care much about whether its attempts to topple the undemocratic Gaddafi are done by democratic means. NATO planes are constantly bombing Libya. NATO ships, including the UK landing ship “Ocean” with “Apache” helicopters on board, are patrolling Libyan coasts. It looks like the UK is taking advantage of the fact that Gaddafi, in his turn, cannot send troops or ships to the British Isles to topple David Cameron.


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