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Japan:Radiation detected in rice

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Laaska News  August 20,2011

Ibaraki Prefecture, north of Tokyo, says it has detected small amounts of radioactive cesium in rice plant samples taken at a rice field in the prefecture.

The prefecture has been conducting tests on rice plant samples taken in 13 cities, towns and villages, where relatively high radiation levels have been detected in the air.

In Hokota City, the prefecture tested rice plant samples from 3 locations.

23 becquerels of radioactive cesium 134 and 29 becquerels of radioactive cesium 137 were detected in rice from one of the 3 locations.

It is the first time that radioactive cesium has been detected in rice after the March nuclear accident.

The agriculture ministry says radiation detected in rice from the city is well below the government limit, and that it poses no health risks.

The prefecture plans to conduct radiation tests again after rice from the city is harvested.

Aug. 19.

Laaska News.