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War in Libya:Gaddafi addresses country’s residents +Related News

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Laaska News  August 21,2011

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has addressed the citizens of his country in an appeal broadcast on state radio and television. He congratulated his supporters in connection with successfully repelled attacks of the rebels on Tripoli. He also accused French President Nicolas Sarkozy of wanting to lay claim to Libyan oil.

  Gaddafi has confirmed that he is still in Tripoli. There is conflicting information regarding the situation in the Libyan capital. According to some sources, the authorities managed to repel rebel attack on Tripoli. In other information, the opposition launched an attack; demonstrators spilled into the streets, demanding Gaddafi’s removal from power.


The gunfire in Tripoli is abating

  The gunfire in Tripoli is abating. On Saturday night, the Libyan rebel forces declared the beginning of a decisive attack on the capital. As reported by Arab TV channels, the streets reverberated to the sound of explosions. In some areas there were fierce clashes between supporters and opponents of Muammar Gaddafi.

 There was also information about new bombing raids on Tripoli by NATO aircraft. According to official government spokesman for the Jamahiriya, Ibrahim Musa, Tripoli was under complete control of the authorities. At the same time, he acknowledged that minor groups of militants had penetrated the capital, and clashes have taken place.


Rebels storm Tripoli

Powerful explosions and gunfire can be heard in Tripoli, reports the Associated Press .. Libyan rebels have launched an operation to seize control of the capital.

  Meanwhile, representatives of the Libyan authorities report that several groups of rebels attempted to launch an attack on the city, but were repulsed, and all is quiet once again in Tripoli.

  Over the past few days the Libyan rebels scored a series of important victories. They have taken control of the city center of Zlitan 160 kilometers from Tripoli, and captured the oil plant at Al-Zafiya, thus depriving Gaddafi’s forces of one of their fuel supply sources.

  The civil war has continued in Libya in February 2011.


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