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Japan:Noda named Prime Minister

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Laaska News  August 30,2011


The Lower House of Diet has named Yoshihiko Noda the nation’s new prime minister.

Members of the chamber voted on Tuesday afternoon to elect Noda, who was on Monday chosen as the new leader of the main governing Democratic Party.

Noda succeeds Naoto Kan, who resigned earlier in the day.

Kan Cabinet resigns


The Cabinet of Prime Minister Naoto Kan has resigned en masse. Kan is leaving office after less than 15 months in power.

Kan expressed gratitude to his ministers in their last cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning.

One day earlier, the governing Democratic Party voted in Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda as its new president to succeed Kan.

On Tuesday afternoon, both the lower and upper chambers of the Diet will hold a vote, and Noda is due to be chosen the 95th prime minister of Japan.

Noda told reporters in the morning that he plans to outline the top Democratic Party lineup in the afternoon, including the key post of secretary general.

Until Noda launches his administration, Kan’s cabinet will continue serving as caretaker.

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