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Japan:Tropical storm leaves 3 dead in Japan

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Laaska News  Sept. 4,2011

A severe tropical storm is moving north over the Sea of Japan after passing over western Japan. It has left 3 people dead, 19 missing and 86 others injured.

The Meteorological Agency says as of 7 AM on Sunday, tropical storm Talas was travelling northward at 10 kilometers per hour. It had an atmospheric pressure of 992 hectopascals at its center with winds of up to 82 kilometers per hour.

A massive influx of moist air is bringing heavy rain to parts of western Japan.

Rainfall has reached over 1,700 millimeters in a village in Nara Prefecture, western Japan, since Tuesday.

In another village in the same prefecture, 2 houses were carried away by an overflowing river on Saturday night, leaving one person dead and 7 others missing.

In neighboring Wakayama Prefecture, 3 houses were destroyed by a landslide early on Sunday, leaving 5 people missing.

About 180,000 households mainly in western Japan have been either ordered, or advised to evacuate.

The Meteorological Agency says heavy rain may continue to hit some parts of western and central Japan through Sunday night. It is warning people in the affected areas to be on high alert for landslides and flooding.
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