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Japan:High dioxin levels found in disaster-zone rivers

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Laaska News  Sept. 7,2011

Levels of dioxin exceeding the safety standards have been found in rivers and groundwater in 3 Japanese prefectures hit by the March 11th disaster.

The Environment Ministry says it does not think the discovery poses any immediate risk to human health, but it will continue to monitor the toxic chemical.

The ministry checked the sea, rivers and groundwater for dioxins between May and July at 320 locations in 5 prefectures affected by the disaster. The ministry feared that harmful substances may have leaked from factories damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.

It found dioxins exceeding the safety standards at 6 locations in rivers in Miyagi, Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures and in groundwater in Fukushima.

The high dioxin levels could be harmful if the contaminated water is ingested over a long period of time.

All measurements at sea locations cleared the safety standards.

Laaska News.