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AFGHAN:Taliban attacks in Kabul + Related News

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laaska News  Sept. 13,2011
Taliban fighters attack US embassy in Kabul

Victim of terrorist attack in Kabul. Photo: EPA   
The Taliban has carried out several well-coordinated attacks in Kabul.

The US Embassy and NATO headquarters in the diplomatic district were hit by rocket missiles fired from the nearby building under construction. The militants have entrenched themselves in the building and are shooting back at police.

 At the same time, several suicide bombers blew themselves up in the western part of the city. 6 people are reported to have been killed and over 20 injured.

Several explosions sounded in the southern part of the city near the Russian Embassy. The press-attache has declared no casualties among the Russians.

The head of NATO Anders Fog Rasmussen rates the events in Kabul as an attempt “to prevent the transmission of responsibility for security to the Afghan armed forces”.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says that it is impossible to stop this process.

Taliban fighters attack US embassy in Kabul


In Afghanistan, Taliban fighters have staged attacks in central Kabul, targeting the US embassy and the headquarters of the NATO-led international force.

Afghan police say insurgent fighters seized a building that is under construction and located near the US embassy, and fired rockets around 5.30 PM on Tuesday.

The attackers aimed at the US embassy and the nearby headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force.

The US embassy says there are no injuries among those inside the compound.

Police say the attackers are heavily armed, and are engaged in gunfights with the Afghan security troops.

They say there is a report that ordinary citizens passing nearby were caught up in the gunfights.

A Taliban spokesman told NHK that their comrades launched simultaneous attacks on the US embassy, the ISAF headquarters and an installation of the Afghan security force.

Later in the evening, the Afghan interior ministry said a bomb explosion took place in western Kabul about 2 hours after the gunfight, injuring several police officers.

The Taliban recently intensified its operations in Kabul where security has been regarded as relatively stable compared with rural areas. Their fighters attacked a British cultural facility last month, killing at least 8 people.

The Taliban also attacked a hotel in the capital in June, killing 12 people including foreign visitors.

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