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Japan:More rain means added risk from dammed-up rivers

Friday, September 16, 2011

Laaska News  Sept. 16,2011

The mayor of Totsukawa Village in Nara Prefecture, western Japan, has asked residents living in the lower reaches of a dammed-up river not return to their homes, as more downpours are forecast on Friday.

The village held a meeting for about 60 people who have evacuated from districts at risk of additional landslides and floods.

Mayor Yoshiki Saratani explained that heavy rain is forecast in southern Nara prefecture on Friday and if lakes formed by landslides blocking the river become flooded, houses in the districts could be affected.

He called on the villagers to stay away from their houses to be safe.

The land and traffic ministry’s officials also explained the current condition of the dammed-up river, using photos and drawings. They said people in the village would be promptly informed if any risk arises.

Villagers said they have experienced stress from having to stay in shelters for a long period of time. They added they want to know how long it will take before life returns to normal.

Laaska News.