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Japan:Typhoon isolates 472 people in disaster-hit Tohoku

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Laaska News  Sept. 22,2011

In Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, people living in temporary housing were isolated overnight on Wednesday due to flooding caused by a powerful typhoon.

Typhoon Roke hit wide areas of Japan on Wednesday, including Onagawa Town and other areas in the Tohoku region that were devastated by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.

As a river was flooding, evacuation instructions were issued to 472 people, or 170 families living in temporary housing since the quake disaster.

But they could not reach the designated location on higher ground because the access road was flooded.

They spent the night in a nearby community center until Ground Self-Defense Force personnel entered the area early Thursday morning.

A 66-year-old man said people looked scared as they were stranded at the community center through the night.

Laaska News.