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Japan:Genkai No.4 nuclear reactor stops operation + Related News

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 4,2011

A reactor at the Genkai nuclear power plant in western Japan was shut down automatically on Tuesday, following a technical glitch with the unit’s cooling system.

Kyushu Electric Power Company, the plant’s operator, says no one was hurt and there have been no changes in radiation levels monitored near the plant.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says the Number 4 reactor at the plant stopped operations at around 1:40 PM on Tuesday, after abnormalities in the steam condenser of its cooling system were signaled by equipment.

Tuesday’s suspension has left the utility with only one of its 6 nuclear reactors in operation.


Decontamination seminars begin in Fukushima

Fukushima Prefecture has begun holding training seminars for workers who will be cleaning areas contaminated with radiation from the Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Fukushima plans to conduct the 2-day technical seminars around the prefecture. On Tuesday, 113 civil engineers, painters and other volunteers who have just begun cleanup work took part in the first seminar in Koriyama City.

An expert from the Japan Atomic Energy Agency spoke about what kind of tools should be used to effectively remove radioactive materials from home gutters and roadside ditches.

The participants also learned how to protect themselves while they are working. On the second day, they will receive practical training using dosimeters.

A man from Iwaki City said he has volunteered several times for decontamination work and would like to learn how to prevent polluted water from spreading. He said he wants to decontaminate Fukushima quickly and restore the area to what it was before.

The prefecture plans to hold 10 seminars by the end of the year and hopes to train as many people as possible to help accelerate the cleanup process.