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Libya – Fatima Qadhafi, Head of the Faction of Women,Libyan Resistance in Sirte – October 13, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 14,2011

According to the Libyan government spokesman Ibrahim Moussa, is the first time, it confirms the presence of women in the resistance Libyan Sirte and Bani Walid as combatants in their own right.

He added that ElMoujahida Fatima Gaddafi responsible for the faction of women in the Libyan resistance and spokesman of this resistance in Sirte, said the fighters fought west of the city of Sirte. Early this morning, they were able to defeat the rebels and militias they have chased out of town.


ElMoujahida Fatima  Gaddafi said although things have calmed down in Sirte for the time after application of a new strategy that has given good results in short time.


She added further that the resistance fighters were reluctant at first, but after she saw the reality of the rebel militia, all became clear to them and they now know that these rebels are a band of chickens easy to shoot.

Many fighters use for the first time the weapons and have come to push back the rebels.



Fatima ElMoujahida Gaddafi said” it will take all the women in Libya to take up arms to defend their honor and the honor of their country, especially in areas where men are feminized or hid at home for not to fight the enemy“.

She said:

What a woman agrees to have a husband who lost his manhood and become a slave of the Crusaders? Or how she agreed to join a man and Khamis Tripoli or Zliten trembles when he sees a man armed with Benghazi or Misrata return to his home or to provoke him into the street without being able to answer?

Finally, she advises women after the liberation of Libya to marry men of Bani Walid & Sirte or who are highly motivated for the Libyan uprising of October 14, 2011.



Laaska News.