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Japan:Earthquake drill held in Tokyo Bay area

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 15,2011

Firefighters have held drills in the Tokyo Bay area to prepare for major earthquakes that could cause massive damage to ships and facilities.

Fire departments of Tokyo and municipalities around the bay held the annual drills on Friday, in cooperation with shipping companies and others.

The drills were based on the possibility of a magnitude-7 earthquake hitting the capital.

The firefighters simulated putting out a fire caused by falling containers using a fire engine of the same type as one used in the Fukushima nuclear accident. The vehicle can spray water from a height of 23 meters.

The participants also simulated dealing with burning oil spills in the bay caused by the ramming of a cargo ship into a quay.

Using a helicopter, the firefighters also simulated rescuing people from the sea after the collision of a passenger boat and floating timber.

Oct.14. NHK.

Laaska News.