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London:Cameron’s aide rapped for dumping documents

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 16,2011


A British tabloid has reported that an aide to Prime Minister David Cameron disposed of work-related documents in trash cans in a London park near Downing Street.

The Daily Mirror reported on Friday that Cameron’s chief policy advisor, Oliver Letwin, was seen on 5 separate days from last month through October 10th dumping more than 100 papers in St James’s Park.

The tabloid revealed photographs showing him throwing the documents away.

Reports say the discarded papers included a document on constituents’ personal details, such as phone numbers, and another made by a parliamentary committee on the transfer of terror suspects.

A spokesperson for Letwin says he sometimes disposed of copies of letters and other documents in the park before going to work, but insists none of those papers carried classified information.

But the revelation has led to increased criticism of the government’s management of sensitive information.

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