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LIBYA:Killing a POW? Gaddafi’s last moments

Friday, October 21, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 21,2011

A new explicit amateur video released by AP clearly shows that Colonel Gaddafi was caught alive rather than dead.

­The video portrays Gaddafi soon after his arrest in Sirte. The colonel is encircled by the soldiers of the National Transitional Council who are shouting in Arabic, “God is great.”

Gaddafi is definitely too weak to walk on his own and his chest and face are covered in blood. Still, the colonel takes some steps and then falls on the ground. The soldiers try to get Gaddafi up and put him in the car. Some of them are clearly grabbing Gaddafi’s hair.

Previously, the media had released pictures showing Gaddafi already dead with a bullet hole in his left temple. Al Jazeera’s video could thus indicate that the colonel was killed by some of the NTC soldiers.

As reported earlier, fugitive Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi died of wounds sustained during his capture after NTC forces took his hometown and stronghold of Sirte. It came shortly after Gaddafi’s vehicles which were trying to escape the town were hit by a NATO air strike, forcing Gaddafi and several bodyguards to take refuge in the drain.

French defense chief said French jet fired on Gadhafi convoy, AP reported.
British MP Jeremy Corbyn said that as Gaddafi was captured alive, he should have been treated as prisoner of war, interrogated and put on trial.

It looks that there was an element of mob rule in this, and he was indeed killed in the back of the truck,” he said referring to the video footage of Gaddafi’s capture.

And this really does raise some question marks about the command and discipline of the NTC forces and what Libya is going to be like, not just tomorrow, but next month, next year and the next ten years,” he remarked.

Amateur video released by AP


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