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THAILAND:Floodwater threatening Bangkok airport

Monday, October 24, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 24,2011
Thai floods pushing up HDD prices


The ongoing flooding in Thailand is threatening Bangkok’s main domestic airport. The airport also serves as the headquarters of the government’s task force on the disaster.

Roads around Don Muang airport in northern Bangkok were swamped on Monday, two days after the Chao Phraya River overflowed in the city center. The water level is said to be 1.5 meters in some places.

In the surrounding residential areas, floodwaters have risen to above floor level.

Workers have been piling sandbags around the airport’s perimeter to keep the water out. The airport houses many evacuees as well as the government task force.
Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra has warned of more flooding in Don Muang and 5 other districts.



Thai floods pushing up HDD prices



Floodwaters inundating manufacturing plants in Thailand have caused the prices of hard disk drives to go up in Japan.

Thailand is the world’s major supplier of hard disks for computer and video storage drives, supplying about 60 percent of the devices.

The floods in the country have forced major computer parts plants to suspend operations.

In Tokyo’s electronics district of Akihabara, retailers are running short of hard disk drives. Prices have increased by 20 percent this week alone.

A man who went there to buy a hard disk drive said he was surprised at the sudden surge in prices, and added that he cannot make up his mind whether to buy now or wait until production resumes in Thailand.

A buyer for a PC retailer says supplies have diminished while companies are eager to secure stockpiles, and this has resulted in price increases.

He says there is no guarantee that production will resume soon, so he fears that supply may fall short of demand ahead of the year-end sales season.

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