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Thailand:Flood spreads at Bangkok’s 2nd largest airport

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 26,2011


Most of the runways at Bangkok’s 2nd largest airport are submerged on Wednesday, despite efforts to contain the flooding.

Commercial flights at Don Muang airport were suspended on Tuesday when the water began to flow onto the runways.

The airport mainly handles domestic flights.

One of its terminal buildings houses the government’s emergency Flood Relief Operations Center. The center is still functioning. But roads in front of the airport are now knee-high with water and impassable by small vehicles.

Another terminal building has been sheltering about 4,000 evacuees. 900 of them moved to other places on Wednesday.

The Thai government aims to reopen the airport next Tuesday. But there is concern about high tides reaching their peak on Saturday.
Laaska News.