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Libya:Gaddafi killer to face trial – NTC

Thursday, October 27, 2011

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New elections slaked for Libya

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Libya’s new government has pledged to bring Gaddafi’s killers to court on Thursday, Al Arabiya channel reports. Earlier  Ian Martin, the top UN envoy to Libya had stated that the circumstances of Gaddafi’s and his son Mutassim’s deaths needed a probe.

According to the rebels, the Colonel died on October 20 of wounds inflicted by a NATO air strike, but Gaddafi appeared to have been shot in the head.




New elections slaked for Libya



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Libya’s National Transitional Council will adopt a decree on carrying out the country’s first post-revolution elections in June 2012, The Financial Times cites an NTC Constitution draft.

The new parliament is to work out the Constitution and laws to pull Libya out of its crisis.

The current NTC head Mahmoud Jibril plans to resign after the liberation of Libya is declared.


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