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Somalia:Somalia’s Puntland region backs Kenyan incursion + Related Articles

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 27,2011
Kenya incursion: Somali President changes tune
Somalia reiterates opposition to Kenya incursion
Somalia’s Puntland region backs Kenyan incursion

MOGADISHU, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) — Somali officials in the northeastern semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland have supported the week-long Kenyan troops involvement in Somalia to fight Islamist militants in south of the war torn country.

Kenyan troops have crossed over the border with Somalia in a bid to battle with Islamist fighters of Al-Shabaab who it accuses of carrying out cross border raids into Kenya to abduct foreign tourists and aid workers.

The Government of Puntland State of Somalia supports the Kenyan military intervention in parts of southern Somalia to bolster the ongoing Somali-led military campaign aimed at dislodging Al-Shabaab terrorists from Jubba Valley regions,”an official statement from the state said.

Puntland is a key part of the war-torn Somalia but has been relatively peaceful during the past two decades and has been self- governing autonomous state. The region has been a strong backer of the Somali federal government in Mogadishu.

Top Somali federal officials have voiced their opposition to the Kenyan military involvement in southern border regions but some members of the Somali legislature backed the Kenyan move.

Some of the leaders of the main moderate Islamist group of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama, a Sufi militia group opposed to Al-Shabaab, have also welcomed the Kenyan move.

The regional Somali state of Puntland which advocates federalism within Somalia said it does not see the Kenyan military intervention as a violation of Somali sovereignty, saying the security interest of the whole sub-region is inter-connected.

“Kenya has a legitimate right to defend its own security and to provide assistance to Somalis already engaged to liberate their home regions from terrorist groups, including many foreign fighters,”the Puntland authorities’statement said citing a 2010 communiqué of the Horn of Africa regional organization, Inter- Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

The Somali regional state says it advocates what it calls a holistic common strategy “to neutralize the terrorist threat in the whole region”, saying terrorist groups pose a great threat to the peace, security and stability of Somalia and the wider region.


Somalia reiterates opposition to Kenya incursion

MOGADISHU, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) — Somali government on Wednesday reiterated its opposition to the Kenyan incursion into Somalia to fight Islamist militants, saying the national army should carry out the offensive.

In a joint press conference in the Somali capital, the Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Prime Minister Abdelweli Mohamed Ali, and Defense Minister Hussien Arab Isse, repeated the Somali government’s stance that it opposes the Kenyan troops presence in the country.

“We want our troops to be the ones fighting al Shabaab and Kenyan forces to support us only in training and logistics in fighting the anti-peace groups,” said Somali President flanked on both sides by his Prime Minister and the minister for defense during press briefing in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The Somali officials thanked the Kenyan government for their support for the transitional federal government.

Somali defense minister Isse said that Kenya and Somalia have a “long history of friendship and cooperation that continues to this day”.

“Kenya had long been effective supporter of peace and stability in Somalia. The transitional federal charter that created the TFG was agreed to in Kenya and Kenya have long been a leading advocate of having the international community assist the stabilization and rebuilding of our country,” the defense minister said in a statement.

The statement comes days after Somali president first expressed opposition to Kenyan troop incursion into Somalia to battle with Islamist Al Shabaab militant that it accuses of carrying out abductions of foreigners within its borders.

Somali government said it was forming a high level committee led by the Somali prime minister to discuss with the Kenyan government about the military operations in Somalia.

The Somali prime minister for his part said that the recent communiqué issued following the visit by two key Kenyan ministers to Mogadishu outlined strategic partnership between the two countries in the fight against militancy, and piracy in Somali.

Kenya also said on Wednesday it has sought clarification from Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) on its position over the cross border incursions aimed at dismantling the militia group, al-Shabaab, in south of the lawless nation.

Kenya Internal Security Minister Professor George Saitoti said it was essential to have a unified approach in dealing with the instability in Somalia posed by al-Shabaab elements and its threats to peace and security in neighboring Kenya.


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Kenya incursion: Somali President changes tune


Monday, October 24  2011

Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed says Kenya’s campaign against Al-Shabaab rebels should not go beyond training Somali soldiers and provision of logistical support in specified and agreed areas.

Speaking while on a visit to the the frontline of the war between his government’s forces and the Al-Shabaab, President Sharif stated that many Somalis were anxious to know more about the military operations reportedly being carried out inside Somalia by Kenyan troops.

Talking to the media at T-da, Dayniile District in the south of Mogadishu, President Ahmed praised the achievements of the pro-government forces in pushing Al-Shabaab militants out of their positions in the capital.

Kenya has deployed troops into Somalia, claiming to act in hot pursuit of Al-Shabaab militants who it accuses of being responsible for a series of kidnappings of foreign tourists and aid workers from its territory. 

“We are very grateful to Kenya for helping Somalis establish the Transitional Federal Government,” said President Ahmed.

“We are equally appreciative for Kenya’s assistance in training Somali Government soldiers meant to stabilise the security of the country,” he added.

He then went on to point out that Kenyan forces entering Somalia without the latter’s permission could prove counterproductive.

“Amisom peacekeepers are in Somalia through UN, AU and Igad approval as well as the acceptance of the Somali Government,” said the head of state while responding to media enquiries.

On October 18, a Kenyan delegation led by Foreign minister Moses Watang’ula and his Defence counterpart Yusuf Haji visited Mogadishu, where they were said to have agreed with Mogadishu on a joint assault against Al-Shabaab.

The right channels

Nevertheless, many people in Somalia doubted whether the accord was negotiated through the right channels, including approval by the Somalia’s Transitional Federal Parliament.

President Ahmed underlined the need to respect the will of the government and people of Somalia.

In a quick rejoinder, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs and Defence ministries maintained that Nairobi had not received any official communication from the Somalia Government regarding its opposition to the military engagement in Jubaland.

Said Defence assistant minister Joseph Nkaiserry: “We are aware of media reports to that effect, but we are treating them as rumours because as far as Kenya is concerned, our ministers for Foreign Affairs and Defence were in Mogadishu last week where they signed a joint communiqué with President Sheikh Sharif supporting Kenya’s engagement in the country. We are yet to receive any official communication from the Somalia President expressing a contrary position and unless that happens, we will treat the reports as rumours.”

Foreign Affairs Deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Wamoto reiterated Gen (rtd) Nkaiserry’s statement saying that Kenya was seeking a clarification from the Transitional Federal Government regarding the reports attributed to President Sheikh Sharif.

“We are seeking a clarification from them because we have only seen media reports. Our ministers were in Mogadishu last week and the two parties signed a joint communiqué welcoming Kenya’s engagement. Thereafter, we went to Addis Ababa for the Igad meeting where Somalia was represented by very senior officials and the matter was discussed and unanimously endorsed without opposition from any quarter. That is why we are seeking a clarification,” said Mr Wamoto.


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