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UN Security Council adopts presidential statement on representation of women in peace process

Friday, October 28, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 28,2011

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) — The UN Security Council on Friday adopted a presidential statement calling on the full participation of women in all stages of the peace process as they voiced concern over the low numbers of their representation.

The presidential statement was adopted at the start of a day- long open debate of the 15-nation Security Council on the role of women in achieving peace and security, coinciding with the 11th anniversary of the landmark council resolution on women, peace and security.

The council “remains concerned” that women’s participation at all stages of peace processes and in the implementation of peace accords remains low, said a presidential statement, which was read by Joy Ogwu, Nigerian UN ambassador who holds this month’s rotating Security Council presidency.

With nearly 90 speakers expected to address the open meeting, the council marked the 11th anniversary of Resolution 1325, which sought to help protect women from sexual violence associated with conflict and to involve women more in the processes of peacekeeping, peace-building, and peace negotiations.

The council noted that with the “persistence of gaps and challenges that seriously hinder the implementation of Resolution 1325,” low numbers of women exist informal institutions of conflict prevention and resolution, particularly in preventative diplomacy and mediation efforts.

“The council recognizes the need to facilitate the full and effective participation of women in these areas,” said the statement.

The council called on the world body to deploy greater numbers of female military and police personnel to UN peacekeeping operations.

“The Security Council encourages negotiating parties and mediation teams to adopt a gender perspective in negotiating and implementing peace agreements and to facilitate increased representation of women in peacebuilding forums,” the presidential statement said.

The presidential statement requested UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to ensure that regular briefings are provided to his mediators and their teams on gender issues relevant to peace- agreement provisions and specific obstacles to full and equal political participation of women.

The presidential statement also reiterated its demand to all parties to armed conflict to immediately and completely cease all forms of violence against women and girls, including acts of sexual violence.

In his most recent report on women and peace and security, Ban pointed out that the conditions women and girls face in situations of armed conflict continue to be “abhorrent” and that effective methods for monitoring their impact are lacking.

He cited that 11 years after the adoption of Resolution 1325, significant achievements are still difficult to identify.

Laaska News.