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Thailand:Bangkok on alert against high tide flooding

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 29,2011

People in the Thai capital Bangkok are on alert against flooding following the second peak of the spring tide this evening. The second peak was expected at around 6 PM, local time.

The network of flood defenses around Bangkok managed to protect the Thai capital from heavy flooding on Saturday morning when high tides hit their peak.

Bangkok residents were preparing for a second peak on Saturday evening.
Military troops have been deployed around the city to prepare for an emergency.

The first high tide, cresting at 9 AM Saturday morning, pushed the Chao Phraya River to its brink.

Some water overflowed the banks, spilling in riverside districts and canal networks.

Water rose to knee-high levels in Chinatown, leaving the streets looking like rivers.

A metallic-parts retailer said she would lose much money because the flooding has damaged her merchandise.

Bangkok’s business districts have still been spared from the flooding.

But most parts of Don Muang Airport in northern Bangkok remain submerged. This has forced the Thai government to move its disaster taskforce headquarters from the second floor of the airport’s terminal building to the inner capital.

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra says the situation is at its worst and that life will begin to return to normal from next week.

Observers say her comment is inappropriate because the government has not yet stopped the flooding from spreading around the country.

Laaska News.