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Juba:80 killed in South Sudan in militants’ attack

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 30,2011

About 80 people were killed in South Sudan on Saturday when anti-government militants attacked government forces in the northern state of Unity.

A state government spokesperson says 15 civilians and more than 60 insurgents were among the dead.

Sporadic clashes between militant groups and the South Sudanese government have occurred since the country declared independence in July, putting an end to more than 2 decades of civil war.

The Japanese government is set to decide this week on a plan to send Ground Self-Defense Force units for a UN peace-keeping operation in South Sudan.

About 200 personnel are expected to leave Japan in January through February of next year. The advance teams will set up a headquarters in the capital, Juba.

Some 320 members of the Ground Self-Defense Force engineering unit will then be dispatched to the country by April before the rainy season sets in there.

The engineering unit is expected to build roads and other infrastructure to help reconstruct the war-torn country.

The fresh violence took place in the northern state far from Japan’s peacekeeping teams’ base in the capital.

But the Japanese government is expected to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of the peacekeeping units.


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