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Thailand:Floodwaters still threaten central Bangkok

Monday, October 31, 2011

Laaska News Oct. 31,2011

Floodwater is threatening to reach the heart of the Thai capital, Bangkok, after inundating a domestic airport in its northern suburbs.

Business and residential districts in central Bangkok have not been immersed so far, though water from the swollen Chao Phraya River flooded urban areas along its banks on Sunday night due to monthly high tides.

Floods have already caused major damage to industrial parks in the central prefecture of Ayutthaya and on the outskirts of Bangkok.

A massive amount of floodwater is now flowing several kilometers south of Don Muang Airport toward central Bangkok.

Authorities in Bangkok say they plan to speed up work to detour the floodwater into canals in the eastern and western parts of the city. This is possible now that the water levels are expected to drop since the spring tide has passed its peak.

However, there is growing concern over the worsening hygiene situation in flooded areas.

A printing shop owner in central Bangkok told NHK that she is worried that the polluted water could make people sick.

The Thai government says it is on the alert to prevent possible outbreaks of infectious diarrhea, dengue fever and other diseases. These kinds of epidemics occurred in the past when floods affected the country.


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