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Thailand:Floodwater reaches Bangkok industrial park

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Laaska News  Nov. 6 ,2011
Floodwater continues to spread in the Thai capital Bangkok, and 8 industrial parks across the country have been inundated.

Water reached the Banchang industrial park in eastern Bangkok on Saturday night and damaged a Chinese electronics parts factory.

Twenty Japanese makers and their affiliates have plants in Banchang. None of them has been affected so far, but some are considering suspending their operations.

Military personnel were busy piling up sandbags on Sunday to block the floodwater.

An Industry Ministry official who inspected the park said the government will be able to control the water if the flooding spreads at the current pace.

Floodwater has reached a market about 6 kilometers from central Bangkok. The market is usually crowded with tourists and local people, but few were seen on Sunday.

The Thai government says the death toll from the floods has reached 506.

Calls for swift responses are mounting ahead of the next high tides in mid-November that will make it difficult to discharge the floodwater.



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