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Japan:1/4 won’t return to Fukushima restricted zone

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laaska News  Nov. 8 ,2011

A survey in Fukushima Prefecture has revealed that one in 4 evacuees has no intention of returning to the restricted areas around the disaster-stricken nuclear power plant.

A group from Fukushima University sent questionnaires to all households from 8 municipalities in the district of Futaba, where the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is located. Roughly half, or 13,500, responded.

26.9 percent of evacuees said they wouldn’t be returning to their hometowns. Among people in their early 30s or younger, the figure rose to 52.3 percent.

More than 30 percent of evacuees from 3 towns in the no-entry zone said they won’t return. The 20-kilometer zone is where radiation levels are particularly high.

Asked what troubles them most, nearly 60 percent cited a lack of prospects for ending their time in evacuation.

In the comment section of the survey, some evacuees wrote that they loved their hometowns and the people they know there, and that they would want to return home soon if it was possible.

The survey’s leader, Associate Professor Fuminori Tanba, says the comments indicate that the evacuees do want to return home, despite the high number of those saying they will not. He also says the central and local governments should come up with steps to satisfy the wishes of the residents.

Laaska News.