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Thailand:Thai flooding continues as drainage begins

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laaska News  Nov. 8 ,2011

More residents in the Thai capital have been advised to leave their homes as the floodwater flows slowly south.

Water is moving inwards, blocking roads in northern Bangkok. The flooding is now just 5 kilometers from the center, though its pace is slowing.

Bangkok authorities on Monday advised residents in the east of the city to evacuate. The area is the 12th to receive such a warning. About a quarter of the city’s 50 districts are now subject to evacuation advisories.

Meanwhile, drainage has begun at an industrial park in Ayutthaya, central Thailand.

Workers began draining the Rojana Industrial Park on Monday. Rojana is one of 8 industrial parks inundated by floodwater in Thailand. The park hosts about 150 Japanese-affiliated firms, including Honda and Nikon.

The Rojana park has been flooded since October 8th. Parts of the area remain under more than 2 meters of water, but the level is receding outside the complex wall, allowing drainage work to begin.

Many Japanese firms have shifted their operations to Japan or elsewhere in Thailand, as prospects for an early resumption of operations seem remote.

Laaska News.

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