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Gaddafi: More dangerous dead than alive

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Laaska News  Nov. 9 ,2011
Garibov Konstantin

Muammar Gaddafi. Photo: EPA 

The Egyptian press reports the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi earmarked $28 million to a group of terrorists to carry out assassinations in Libya and abroad under the motto of “revenge after the fall of the regime.”

Gaddafi had no hope. He knew very well that sooner or later his regime would fall and he had prepared for that a year and a half ago, sources say.

For establishing a large-scale terror network Gaddafi’s loyalists boast not only money and weapons, but mainly contacts. The latter will allow them to find volunteers willing to sacrifice themselves for Gaddafi. As the new authorities start to launch cleansing in the army, government offices and security services, the amount of people unhappy with the regime is growing. That makes this task even simpler.

Libya is bound to plunge into a political mess, says the expert of the Institute of strategic studies and analysis Sergey Demidenko:

“Some prepaid Gaddafi’s terrorists are not the only ones who pose threat to the country. Even without their involvement the country is vulnerable.”

There were tribes that supported Gaddafi. Now they are subjected to attacks from the tribes that were fighting the regime. For instance, the Misurata tribe has killed the Colonel and displayed his body in their town as a kind of trophy. Now it actually launched a terror against Gaddafi’s supporters. In particular, they unearthed the grave of Gaddafi’s mother and proposed to swop her remains for the information on the whereabouts of Gaddafi’s son.

Intertribal and ethnic warfare is likely to be restored in the country. Islamist fighters are the only organized force in these circumstances.

Vladimir Isaev, an expert in the Oriental Studies Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences supports this point of view:

“Pro-Islamist forces are likely to take over, as it happened in neighboring Tunisia. Libya is in a very unstable state, and various criminals may take advantage of it. The conditions in Libya are different from the previous period because there is no interim government. In Tunisia and Egypt the military would not allow any fundamental changes in politics that would undermine inner stability. It is not the case for Libya, where the situation is quite unique for the Arab region.”

Analysts also point out that in the mid 80s Libyan special services set up a far-reaching terror network in the European countries. One of these services was led by Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam, the one who pledged to revenge the death of his father. The contacts amassed by Colonel Gaddafi will certainly help him to this cause. So the plan “Revenge After the Fall of the Regime” is in good hands.


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