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IAEA report levels charges at Iran – VOR

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Laaska News  Nov. 10,2011

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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has published a report on Iran’s nuclear plans. The report reads that Tehran is developing  starting devices for nuclear bombs and carrying out computer simulation of nuclear tests under the cover of a peaceful energy programme. The western community regards these facts as Iran’s attempt to create nuclear weapons. However, many experts recommend  restraint from drawing hasty conclusions.

This is the first time that an IAEA report contains direct charges against Iran. However, this evidence only testifies that Iran has everything necessary to create nuclear weapons but this does not necessarily mean that it is doing so or will start doing so in the future. On the other hand, there is every reason to doubt the credibility of the report. Dean Ahmad, the head of the Minaret of Freedom Institute, says that one should be very careful in this case.

Andrey Gagarinsky, the director for scientific  development of the Kurchatov Institute and vice-president of the Russian Nuclear Society,  believes that by its policy of continuous prolongation of sanctions against Iran the West promotes Iran’s desire to raise its nuclear potential.

“A country like Iran, in my opinion, should want to have nuclear weapons. Examples of Iraq and Libya show that a country without nuclear weapons is doomed. Unfortunately, the current world trend is that countries that want independence will try to acquire nuclear weapons. Take North Korea. Everyone fusses over it because it has nuclear weapons. Iran, obviously, wants the same.”

The world community is interested in Israel’s response to the IAEA report no less than in the Iranian nuclear programme. Even if we do not take into consideration the traditional animosity between the countries, Israel, due to its geographical position, will be the first to accept the blow in case Iran uses nuclear weapons. Israeli journalist Max Lourie, the editor-in-chief  of The Cursor newspaper, believes that Israel can deal a preventive blow to Iran’s nuclear facilities if Mossad proves the development or availability of weapons of mass destruction. However, at present Tell Aviv will do its best to settle the problem in a peaceful diplomatic way, Max Lourie says.

“The aggressive statements of the Iranian leadership that they are planning to wipe Israel off the face of the earth will naturally not be ignored by Israel. Israel is concerned about the threat of nuclear warheads being developed in Iran. However, experts of the security system stress that having a nuclear potential does not necessarily mean that Iran will use it. We know of other countries, such as North Korea, for example, or Pakistan. Plus Israel itself has a certain restraining potential even if it does not admit to having its own nuclear weapons. Foreign sources, though, state that Israel has them.”

On Wednesday Iran confirmed once again that it is ready for talks on its nuclear programme even after the IAEA report was published. At the same time, Tehran emphasizes that an international dialogue is possible “only on condition of equality and respect for the rights of countries”.

Nov 9, 2011


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