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TUNISIA:Tunisian party concerns “suspected deal” behind ex-Libyan PM’s extradition order

Friday, November 11, 2011

Laaska News  Nov. 11,2011

TUNIS, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) — Tunisia’s Unionist Democratic Union party expressed its concerns about “a suspected deal” behind the extradition order of former Libyan prime minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi to Libya.

The party said, in a statement issued on Thursday, “the world knows very well that the current authorities in Libya have executed the prisoners without trial and infringes their bodies, in flagrant violation of all international conventions and the divine laws, especially the Islamic religion, so there is a danger on Mahmoudi’s life.”

“The party called the interim Tunisian President Fouad Mebazaa not to sign the extradition order of Al Mahmoudi, as the conditions of a fair trial to Al Mahmoudi in Libya is still unavailable,” the statement added.

Moreover it called on human rights organizations and political parties to demand not to hand over Al Mahmoudi to the new Libyan authorities.

Tunisia’s Human Rights Defense League urged the country’s interim president on Wednesday not to sign the extradition order.

The Tunisian judiciary sentenced on Monday to hand over Mahmoudi to the new Libyan authorities. The rule, which is under an extradition treaty signed by the two countries in 1961, needs to be ratified by the Tunisian president to be effective.

Mahmoudi, who remained supportive to Libya’s deceased leader Muammar Gaddafi until the late stage of his rule, was arrested on Sept. 22 under a warrant from Libyan new rulers, as the ex-prime minister was trying to cross into neighboring Algeria along with two of his aides.

A Tunis appeals court acquitted him afterwards. However the former Libyan official was maintained in jail after Libyan interim authorities issued a warrant against him in late September.

He began a hunger strike early October to protest against his imprisonment in a prison near the capital of Tunis, pending an eventual extradition to Libya.

On the other hand, the Libyan authorities reaffirmed that Mahmoudi will have “a fair trial.”

The director of the Libyan supreme security committee, Ibrahim Abd Al-Rahman, told Xinhua that Mahmoudi will not meet the fate of Gaddafi and his son and will be presented to Libyan fair trial, assuring that he will be treated according to human rights principles.


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