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Bangkok:Thai floods cause less damage despite high tides

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laaska News  Nov. 13,2011

Floodwater in central Bangkok, Thailand, has overflowed in areas along the river, but no further damage has been reported so far.

The river peaked with another monthly high tide on Sunday morning, leaving some areas of the capital inundated.

The stream ran through shopping streets and the overflow reached areas 200 meters from the river.

Bangkok remains on the alert against the rising water level of the river. Another peak monthly tide is forecast on Sunday evening, threatening to cause water to flow back upstream from the south.

But the water level of the river is expected to be 30 centimeters lower than that during the previous peak at the end of last month. The stream is likely to be weaker, possibly resulting in less damage than before.

Meanwhile, a massive amount of river water from north of Bangkok has been held away from the city center.

The Thai government task force says water drainage is going smoothly and the inner capital will not suffer much damage, stressing that the situation is improving as a whole.

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