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Russia’s missing cargo ship found – VOR

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Laaska News  Nov. 16,2011
Crew of missing Russian freighter found alive

 Mi-8 helicopter. Photo: RIA Novosti

Russia’s The Kapitan Kuznetsov  cargo ship has been found by rescuers in the White Sea and is now heading for the  northern port of Arkhangelsk, a rescue official reports.

A Mi-8 helicopter has winched a doctor and a rescuer onto the ship.

The Arkhangelsk bound-vessel went missing late Monday during a storm.


Crew of missing Russian freighter found alive

Russian Emergencies Ministry helicopter. Photo: RIA Novosti   

The crew members of the Captain Kuznetsov Russian freighter that had earlier gone missing in the White Sea are alive and on board the ship, according to the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Rescue workers are currently helping them to board a helicopter.

The ship currently closest to the Captain Kuznetsov is 60 kilometres away and is likely to approach the freighter in a matter of two hours.

The rescue operation is being hampered by a severe storm.

The Captain Kuznetsovwith an 11-strong crew and one passenger on board had been en route to the White Sea port of Arkhangelsk to while away the forthcoming winter at anchorage there.

Radio contact with the freighter was lost on Monday night.


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