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Thailand:Thai govt. says worst of flooding over

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Laaska news  Nov.19,2011

The Thai government says the worst of the flooding is over and that central Bangkok is now at less risk.

The government has built a massive barrier in the north of Bangkok to prevent floodwaters from moving south toward the city center.

Some residential areas near the wall are still flooded. Meanwhile, the government is pushing water out of the city using a canal that runs east to west.

Drainage work has begun at a few of the 7 flooded industrial complexes in and around the central city of Ayutthaya. But water is still more than one meter above sea level.

At the other industrial parks, there is so much water that drainage work cannot even be started.

Nearly 460 Japanese-affiliated firms are located within the 7 complexes. Many of the firms have been forced to suspend operations and began production in other areas in Thailand or in Japan.


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